Marketing and Advertising

  • Our AB demographic consists of leading corporations, financial institutions, local consumers and the inbound tourist market
  • Sites are promoted extensively to the important visitor market from partnerships with major tourism bodies that receive over 2 million unique viewers a month
  • Sites are also promoted to major corporations in Australia in newsletters, competitions, social media
  • Gift cards and electronic gift vouchers are purchased regularly by companies for corporate gifts

Opportunities for promotion include the following:
- Banner / leaderboard/island/skyscraper advertising
- Newsletters/ Facebook/ social media/ blog posts
- Featured articles supplied to tourism bodies
- Gift cards with your own logo
- Digital gift certificates
- Slide show on front page
- Competitions to build your brand and online members
- de Groots Interactive/ 360ยบ aerials/ interiors of venue with tagging.

Call or email us for further information on how we can benefit your business.
Dedes Waterfront Group has been working with de groots media for a long time and has been a part of the gift card program since inception. The cards are very well received and administratively easy for us to use. We are very happy with the program and with our working relationship with degroots.
Lisa Hobbs
Chief Executive Officer
We are pleased to with de Groots Media and accept the best restaurants gift card at China Doll, it works well as an instant e-option for gifting.
China Doll/ China Lane / Mecardo
Marketing Manager